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Lunch & Dinner

a la carte


3 courses £42

choose from (S) options

v  vegetarian

vg  vegan

(v) (vg)  vegetarian or vegan on request

+  supplement for (S) options

while you wait

great for sharing

Nocellara olives  vg  



Feta stuffed Peppadew peppers  v



Semi-dried roasted tomatoes  vg



Spiced cashew nuts  vg


S&D homemade bread  v  vg



Korean fried chicken  (S)

wasabi, peas


Pan-fried tiger prawns  (S)+£1.5

garlic butter, chargrilled sourdough


Heritage tomato salad  v (vg)  (S)

baby mozzarella, cherry balsamic, croutons


Crispy aromatic duck

hoisin, cucumber, spring onion, pancakes


Sticky beef fillet

salad, vinaigrette dressing


Tuna tataki

miso mayonnaise, pickled mooli and fennel, sesame ponzu dressing


we make our own sourdough in house from flour, water and sea salt only

- pre-order required-

Japanese A5 Kagoshima wagyu

Best served medium-rare.

£45 / 100g

£85 / 200g

A5 Wagyu denotes the top grade of all wagyu beef produced in Japan, often hailed as 'the best beef in the world' due to its melt-in-the-mouth texture and exceptional umami flavour. Raised respectfully and devotedly in the pristine mountainous and forest-rich lands of Japan. Their stress-free, nurturing and nutrient-packed diet is responsible for the incredible flavoured intramuscular marbled fat.

Glazed black cod
miso emulsion


Also known as sablefish, black cod – native to Canadian and Alaskan waters – is a true delicacy. Not actually of the cod species and quite different from the European cod, the fish is famed for its snow-white fatty flesh, succulent flavour and rich, velvety texture, earning it the nickname ‘butterfish’.

Tomahawk steak 1kg
for two sharing


Triple cooked chips, watercress, portobello mushroom
green peppercorn sauce

Best served medium.

pre-order at least 1 day in advance

via online reservation or over the phone

pre-payment required


Duck burger  (S)

confit leg of Gressingham duck, streaky bacon

caramelised onion chutney, baby gem, fries



Aberdeen Angus beef


Sirloin 9 oz  (S)+£5



Ribeye 10 oz (S)+£9



triple cooked chips, watercress, portobello mushroom, green peppercorn sauce




Fish of the day (S)

rosemary sauteed baby potatoes, slow braised fennel, garlic and prawn broth


Pan-fried flatfish of the day

roasted baby potatoes, parsley and brown shrimp butter


Butternut squash and mushroom wellington  v (vg)  (S)

fondant potato, asparagus, red wine jus


Lamb rump pavé

dauphinoise potatoes, vegetables, red wine jus



Roasted baby potatoes  vg


Truffle parmesan fries


Triple cooked chips  vg


Sweet potato fries  vg


Fries  vg


Mixed vegetables  vg


Caesar salad



Sticky toffee pudding  v  (S)

toffee sauce, vanilla ice cream


Lemon meringue cheesecake  (S)

raspberry compote


Chocolate and pecan tart  v  (S)
caramel, lime, maple syrup and pecan ice cream


Caramelised poached peach  vg  (S)
puff pastry, pistachio


Artisan ice creams and sorbets  v or vg

served with hazelnut wafer

£3.5 /scoop

Our menus are subject to change. The latest menus are available in the restaurant.

Please inform us of any food allergies. We may not be able to cater for any dietary requirements without advance notice.


As all our dishes are prepared in the kitchen where various allergens are present, we cannot guarantee that any food item is completely free from traces of specific allergens. Therefore, we cannot cater for guests with severe food allergies.

A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be included in the bill. For reservations with room hire, the surcharge is inclusive of the service charge. 

All service charges, cash and credit/debit card tips are paid in full to our team members. 

L&D while you wait
L&D starters
L&D mains
L&D desserts
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